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Café "The Taste of Mandø"
Organic cuisine and gourmet food.


 Are you planning a nice gourmet dinner together with good friends?

We can recommend our gourmet restaurant. We have full focus on the gastronomic level.

A gourmet dinner is a perfect combination of flavors produced from top quality ingredients from Mandø. We recommend gourmet dinners from 2-4 dishes, all the dishes are perfectly composed.

We have a large wine list with selected wines as well as a large selection of beers spiced with natural plants from Mandø

Watch the video: Gourmet and Oyster  - Foreign guests in the 2017 season.
Haematopus Ostralegus - Mandø's character bird.
The Ostralegus is one of the few shorebirds that feed their offspring.

Oyster Safari


The tour starts from outside the Mandø Landhandel in the centre of Mandø town.
Transport to Mandø from Vester Vedsted by tractor-bus can be arranged upon request.
From Mandø town, a journey of roughly 3km, takes us alongside the large dike and out towards the mudflats where we begin our search for oysters.
The oysters are opened and tasted out on the mudflats, accompanied by a glass of good sparkling champagne.
The champagne bottle is opened with a champagne sword!
A barbeque awaits us on our return back at the meeting point.
You can take all the oysters you collect with you back to Mandø town in the oyster sack provided.
The full tour by horse drawn carriage includes the use of waders, gloves, a sack to collect your oysters, and champagne as well as informative talks and anecdotes given by the guide.
In the event of bad weather, it might be necessary to postpone the tour to another day.
Overnight accommodation can also be arranged at a reasonable price.
To book your place on the Oyster safari tour with champagne, go to the events/calendar page on this website where your payment can also be made.

Price: 2017: Children 4 - 12 år: 275DKK. Adults: 375DKK.

Write for more information


Remember your jacket on the tour! The winds can be strong on the coast!

It is a good idea to dress appropriately for the Mandø weather. It is recommended to take a windproof jacket and a hat with you on the tour. Blankets will be provided during the tour.

Remember your camera if you want to capture the seals and the beautiful nature of Mandø and the Waden Sea. Pictures can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or posted to

Departure times are subject to change due to the change of tides and weather conditions or if the horses are resting. In the event of this, you will be notified by email if possible.


All information regarding the tour will be sent via email as a PDF file. If you are unable to receive PDF files and do not receive confirmation before the tour, please request a new one.

Also check your junk mail folder in case the confirmation email has ended up there.

Write for more information


Drive safely to Mandø

You can easily drive to Mandø in your own car, motorhome or caravan.

The roadway is 60 cm higher than the seabed - but always make sure that the current water level allows for driving in your own car, etc.!


At falling water levels, the table value is negative. This means that the table value must be added to the height of the road to calculate the road height above sea level!
For all negative table values at falling water levels, the lane road is passable for all traffic.

At rising water levels, the table value is positive. This means that the table value must be deducted from the height of the road to calculate the road height above sea level!
For all positive table values at rising water levels, the roadway will be safe for all traffic - but only up to +60 cm.

"Mandø Lyng" [Limonium vulgare]

About us

Our family business is located in the middle of The Wadden Sea National Park and we are surrounded by one of the world's most important wetlands.

A large, unique natural area full of life and experiences. The Wadden Sea National Park is Danish world-class nature - which we would like to share with the whole world!

We have many years of experience in arranging rides out on the tidal flats watching the seals and out on oyster beds picking oysters, guided package tours, city tours etc..
Our vision is to provide outdoor experiences, culinary experiences and create cozy setting around our various activities - all on the basis of the conditions nature gives us
During the season we organize various culinary events and workshops. Our culinary and ecological starting point is derived from the natural production that starts at Mandø
In the Shop we sell lamb and beef, beer, salt, wool, skins, etc. and with the goods follow the story of the origin and the making of the products.
At Mandø Event we arrange gatherings for families, companies, etc.

Welcome to Mandø

Elisa and Benny Thomsen

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